How to Die Alone

How to Die Alone - Episode 46 - Governor or Senator Holtron

October 3, 2018

On this episode, we have Tampa News Force's own John Jacobs on to grill the goobernatorial or senatorial candidate himself, Randy Holton. Randy explains some of his favorite cocktails, gives stock picks, and talks dirty with us. John comes up with a way for inmates to give back to the community, pitches a reality show for script optioning, and plans to go to a furry convention for investigative journalism. Stephen gives a TED Talk on Prussian Blue, the Land O Lakes lady's naughty side, and one of Rasputin's deep cuts. And, of course, David devises a way of testing Amish furniture, like ya do, and imagines what Randy must be like in Japan.

Also, Matt calls in and talks about some place named Pensacola. It probably isn't even real. And some concerned voter who definitely isn't Clark Brooks asks candidate Holtron some tough questions.

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